Services tomorrow

Sunday 10th March (The First Sunday of Lent)
9.30am Communion (1984) at St. Benedict’s in Gyffin
9.30am Communion (1984) at St. Peter’s in Llanbedr-y-Cennin
11am Communion (2004) at St. Mary’s in Caerhun
11am Communion (2004) at St. Mary’s in Conwy with Fairtrade stand

An Event was held to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight at Ysgol Porth-y-Felin School on Thursday 7th March, and raised awareness about fairness. The chocolate industry is worth £4 billion a year in the UK, because we love eating chocolate! The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa, but a lot of cocoa farmers are underpaid and exploited, because conventional trade discriminates against them. This means that they can’t afford the basic human rights that most of us take for granted, such as food, education and housing. They are vulnerable to Climate Change and the price of cocoa in the global markets. When you buy Fairtrade chocolate, you’re showing retailers that you want farmers to get a living income, so that they have enough money to live. Income security will let them invest money in the well-being of their communities, as well as the quality of food that they produce for us. It would make a real difference to the lives of our neighbours. Click here to watch a short film about unwrapping that bar of chocolate!

Fairtrade Porth-y-Felin 2

We’re fast approaching Easter, the time when we celebrate the risen Christ, and many of us will also be enjoying some chocolate Easter eggs too! Fairtrade products will be available tomorrow after the 11am Service at St. Mary’s Church, in Conwy.

Fairtrade Porth-y-Felin 1

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