St. Mary’s Church in Conwy

St. Mary and All Saints’ Parish Church originated as a Cistercian Abbey in the 12th Century and was the original burial place of Llywelyn the GreatDechreuodd yr Eglwys Blwyf y Santes Fair a’r Holl Saint fel Abaty’r Mynaich Gwynion yn y 12fed ganrif ac yma oedd man claddu Llywelyn Fawr yn wreiddiol.


St. Mary’s Church is located in the very centre of the town of Conwy, a beautiful medieval walled town set in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the county of Conwy. We are very much a town centre Church, with a great teaching and musical tradition which draws people from far and wide.


Sunday Worship 11am

A warm welcome is guaranteed, with thought-provoking sermons and beautiful worship in our stunning historic setting. St. Mary’s is a growing and diverse community and we have a young children’s area. Our music includes a Church choir of adults, a junior choir of children, a talented worship group of varied instruments at All-age Services, and an art group. Click here for details about our upcoming Services and Events.

Wednesday Communion 11am

This Bro Celynnin Communion is a peaceful way to reflect and to reconnect with God in the middle of the week. It’s only half an hour, so come along to this midweek Communion to spend some time with Him in this beautiful Church.


Opening Times (March to October)

The Visitor Welcome Team has been working together over the Winter to prepare for the 2019 visitor season. Daily opening will resume on 26th March, when the Seed Fair is on in Conwy. The Church will be open all the way through to the end of October:-

  • Monday (10am – 4pm)
  • Tuesday (10am – 4pm)
  • Wednesday (11.30am – 4pm)
  • Thursday (10am – 4pm)
  • Friday (10am – 4pm)
  • Saturday (11am – 3pm)

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St. Mary’s is a special place of historical and spiritual significance. Being a volunteer is a great way to meet people from all over the world, and you will welcome thousands of visitors every year. If you want to join the Team, or organise a group booking, please click here for more information.

Previous Years

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For its history alone, the Church is widely acknowledged as one of the most significant in North Wales, older than Conwy Castle itself! Click here to watch the development of the castle over the centuries. St. Mary’s Churchyard is an interesting place to visit and includes the grave associated with William Wordsworth’s poem ‘We Are Seven.

124411-004-4B14910BSt. Mary’s originated as the church of the Cistercian Abbey of St. Mary and All Saints in Aberconwy, and it was founded by Llywelyn c. 1190. It was the principal religious centre of the Princes of Gwynedd during the last century of Welsh Independence. Llywelyn died at Aberconwy Abbey and was buried there.

Following the conquest of King Edward I, the Abbey was moved up river to Maenan near Llanrwst and was called Maenan Abbey. St. Mary and All Saints’ was rebuilt to become the Parish Church of the new fortified borough of Conwy. Llywelyn’s stone coffin was moved to St. Grwst’s Church in Llanrwst.


In the porch of St. Benedict’s in Gyffin there are two intriguing tomb slabs that date back to the 13th century. The Latin inscription on the smaller one translates to:-

Llywelyn ap Iorwerth lies here

Llywelyn the Great Llywelyn Fawr was the first Prince of Wales. His tomb was removed from Aberconwy Abbey by King Edward I. The slab at Gyffin is too small to cover the Prince’s stone sarcophagus located in Llanrwst.


Just outside the town walls, is the St. Agnes Churchyard, where Reverend Morgan is buried. A small iron church dedicated to St. Agnes was built in 1875 and was demolished c. 1972. Reverend Morgan was the vicar of St. Mary’s for over 30 years until 1870. During his time as vicar, the town experienced major changes with the arrival of the Railway, which was completed in 1848. The replacement National School in Rosehill Street was opened c. 1840 soon after he became vicar. Reverend Morgan and Conwy’s Chapel Ministers had great respect for one another, and the East Window at St. Mary’s is a memorial to him.

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Vicar: Reverend David Parry 07403 635510, (01492) 593402 and

Local Wardens: Heather Addison (01492) 572924 and Vivien Wakely (01492) 593499

Church Hall Enquiries: Vivien Wakely (01492) 593499

Choir and Conwy Classical Music Festival: Chris Roberts (01492) 592166 and

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