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David ParryReverend David Parry has been the Vicar and Ministry Area Leader of Bro Celynnin since May 2016.  David’s ancestors came from Llangernyw, in the Conwy Valley, but he was born in Scotland and grew up in the South of England. David was a local authority social worker, but more than 25 years ago felt called to ordained ministry and became an Anglican priest. Over the past decade, he has assisted many people in discovering their vocation to ministry, as Liverpool Diocese’s Director of Ordinands. David was also Vicar of two vibrant multi-cultural parishes alongside the River Mersey – Christ Church (Toxteth Park) and St Michael-in-the-Hamlet. David has served as an Area Dean and honorary chaplain among Deaf People.

Contact (click the following link): davidparry@esgobaethbangor.net

07403 635 510 – (01492) 593 402


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As well as enjoying the hugely valued ministries of local retired clergy, we have two Lay Readers.
Clive Addison, originally from Hampshire has lived on a small holding above Conwy for over 20 years. He is a Trustee of the Business Men’s Fellowship International (UK) – and  sought-after judge of Wales, Britain and Europe ‘In Bloom’.
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Eryl Parry, who was licensed alongside her husband David  has strong links with this part of the world as her parents hail from Llanberis. Following a career initially in retail management that took her around the UK, then in tourism and events in her hometown of Liverpool, she has worked freelance as a consultant.  She is training for ordained pioneer ministry.
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