Connecting through lockdown

Whilst our church buildings are temporarily closed, as a church community we remain very much open! We recognise the need for connection with one another and with our faith, more than ever before. Here are ways through the week, that you can make that connection:


  • 11.00am Sundays worship on zoom
  • 10.30am Tuesdays learn together to go deeper into the Bible
  • 11.00am Fridays chat through a weekly informal ‘check-in’ called ZOOM CHUMS


Every weekend, we will publish a video that helps to inspire us as we travel through these troubled times together. Scroll down this page to see this week’s video!


Contact us if you are struggling in any way. We are a caring community that can offer help, including asking us to pray for you. Our details are here.

Lockdown Projects

Clive Addison is a member of the Bro Celynnin Ministry Team who also farms, at Llechwedd in the Carneddau mountains.  Today he reflects on one way to cope with ‘Lockdown’ restrictions.
 Are you feeling a bit down?  If you are, it is no surprise seeing that 2021 seems no different to 2020 so far.  At times like this it really helps to keep cheerful and motivated if you have a positive project you can get stuck into. Living on a smallholding as I do, there are projects aplenty. In the first lockdown, I tackled a major job that had been waiting to be done for at least 20 years, renewing the sheep-proof fencing between my fields and the road. More recently it has been building a rockery in our garden – something I have been promising my wife Heather, I would do for about 40 years, honestly!!

Here you can see the first terrace.  It is meant to emulate mountain scree, for alpine plants which like that kind of environment. I was so proud of it I sent this picture to my family, only to get back from my son in law, “It looks as though you are trying for the Guinness book of records for the biggest cat litter tray!” Oh well, some people just don’t appreciate gardening!

It really is OK if you can’t see the point of my project either.  What’s important is to attempt something new which has meaning for you – however scathing the response might be from those who love you.  In fact it reminds me how different and individual we actually are, each unique in our particular gifts and in what gives us a sense of purpose. 

When God sent his Son into the world he intended to undertake a deeply personal and beautiful project in every human being, their Salvation.  The Good News is that while we so easily leave things unfinished (or perhaps never even get started) Jesus  will never give up on us:

“Ac yr wyf yn sicr o hyn, y bydd i’r hwn a ddechreuodd waith da ynoch ei gwblhau erbyn Dydd Crist Iesu.”
Philipiaid /Philippians 1:6
“I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ.”
P.S. Speaking of new ‘projects’, many congratulations to Clive and Heather on the birth of their first great-grandchild, Arthur (and to the new parents Charlotte-May and Nicholas).

New Year’s Eve

No dancing crowds or fireworks, street parties or family gatherings: how can we mark the end of 2020, or face 2021?  Yet we are not alone today. 

This film is a simple meditation on some Bible verses (Galarnad / Lamentations 3:22-23).  It comes as our gift to you, an invitation to pause and pray as the year turns. 

Pob bendith / every blessing.

Christmas Day

Join us for Communion Services on Christmas Day:

  • 9.30am St. Benedict’s Church (Gyffin)
  • 9.30am St. Peter’s Church (Llanbedr-y-Cennin)
  • 11am St. Mary’s Church (Conwy)
  • 11am St. Mary’s Church (Caerhun)

If you are coming to one of our Services in the church buildings you must wear a mask (unless you are medically exempt). Please stay away if you are in quarantine, or have any Covid symptoms.

There will be no Services or Groups on Sunday 27th, Tuesday 29th or Wednesday 30th December.