Climate Change

If you’re younger than 42, then you’ve never experienced a normal climate! The last time it was cooler than the 20th century average was in 1976. What else happened that year?

  • earthquakes killed nearly 700,000 people in China, Italy, Guatemala, and Honduras
  • Hurricane Belle hit the East Coast of the United States
  • the Soweto uprising in South Africa caused the deaths of hundreds of school children
  • the first Ebola virus epidemic began in Sudan
  • the first Legionnaires disease happened in Pennsylvania
  • NASA unveiled the first space shuttle
  • an American panel warned that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in aerosol cans was harming the ozone layer
  • Landing vehicles from spacecrafts of the United States landed safely on Mars
  • the worst drought on record hit Britain
  • there were cod wars between Iceland and the United Kingdom
  • Concorde cut the transatlantic flying time to 3.5 hours
  • the Apple computer company was formed a year after Microsoft
  • the filming of Star Wars was completed

God has given us the responsibility to care for the Earth that He created, so that it can sustain life.

Entrance into the Temple: The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it; for He has founded it on the seas, and established it on the rivers.

Psalm 24:1-2 

Over the centuries, the average temperature has fluctuated naturally, but the current period of warming is alarming, because it’s happening so quickly. Global warming is the long-term warming of our planet. This human-induced global warming is having an adverse effect on the stability of our World. We’re experiencing more storms, floods, droughts, and wildfires, which are having a devastating effect on nature, as well as causing more inequality for human beings. By bringing Faith and Science together, we can solve the current problems.

Concrete is second to water as the most-consumed resource, and its main ingredient is cement, which accounts for about 8% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the World. The amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is now at its highest level, and it’s changing our climate.

The relationship between religion and nature is particularly relevant today, because of the environmental concerns. The progress made to date shows that technology exists to reduce climate change. Hopefully, 2020 will be the start of the decade where more action is taken to solve the problem World-wide.

There are so many things that we can do to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Natural stone, and wood can be more-widely used as building materials, instead of concrete blocks. Electric, and hybrid cars can be more-widely used, instead of petrol-only, and diesel-only cars. In Norway, 52% of new cars are electric, whereas it is less than 1% in the United States of America. Ireland is going to be the first country in the World to divest public funds from fossil fuel assets, because it recognises the damage being caused by climate change.

Industry builds and manufactures goods for its consumers. We, the People, are its consumers, so we can influence what Industry builds and manufactures for us. It’s Supply and Demand. Government represents us in parliament, makes legislation for Industry, and provides financial incentives in the form of tax breaks. We need to work together to build and manufacture sustainable low-carbon goods at affordable prices. God is the trinity in unity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. People, Government and Industry are a trinity that can work together to take action to stop climate change. It is causing global warming. The ice is melting, the glaciers are shrinking, and the sea levels are rising. Flowers bloom in what they think is Spring, whereas it is just a warm spell in Winter. When the cold returns, we watch them wilt and die.

Sir David Attenborough, who was representing the People, spoke to the Leaders of the United Nations at the Climate Summit in December 2018, about the future extinction of much of the natural world being on the horizon. The Paris Agreement demonstrated that when Nations have unity, they can protect our natural world for the good of humanity and all creatures who live in it.

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