Visitor Welcome Team in Conwy this Saturday

We’re having a get together at the Vicarage this Saturday 9th March (9.30am – 12pm) to talk about how we’re going to welcome people to this great place of worship and heritage, in the heart of Conwy. It’s going to be a practical morning, where you will acquire the skills to carry out this valuable work. We’ll be welcoming new people to the team as well, so it’s going to be a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge with them, over a cup of tea and a slice of cake!


Last year, our Visitor Welcome Team were delighted to meet over 16,000 visitors and local people at St. Mary’s Church, in Conwy. Welcoming people is an important part of volunteering. By serving our community in this way, we can extend our hand of friendship to them, so that they feel part of our family. People go to Church for a whole host of reasons. They might want to pray for a loved one, or find comfort for themselves. Some seek inspiration from God and their surroundings. Others are agnostic, but do want to explore the history of the building, and are curious to know more. Our Church family welcomes all people from across the world, both Christians and non-Christians.

The new season for greeting people to our Church starts on 26th March, which is when the Seed Fair is taking place in Conwy town. If you want to join us, come along to the Vicarage this Saturday. It’s on Rose Hill Street, Conwy, LL32 8LD between Vicarage Gardens Car Park and St. Mary’s Church.

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