Daily Reflection 7th August


The first of our church buildings will reopen for public worship on Sunday. We want to sustain as many relationships as possible online and in congregations. Thank you to everyone who responded to the Zoom Coffee survey. So a new pattern starts this weekend.
SATURDAY VIDEO SERVICE will be published weekly at 8am on Saturdays.

SUNDAY SERVICES begin in the Conwy valley. You are warmly invited: 

  • 9:30am St Peter’s Church in Llanbedr-y-Cennin
  • 11am St Mary’s Church in Caerhun  
Please wear a mask and keep 2m apart, but stay away if you have any COVID-like symptoms. 
This Sunday will also be our last daily reflection.

MONDAY REFLECTION will be published weekly at 8am on Mondays to inspire and help at the start of every week.

TUESDAY ZOOM COFFEE 10:30am. Still sociable and fun, but now including a Bible passage we can explore together.

All are welcome to share in these as part of our growing Bro Celynnin family. We hope to have news soon about more Services on Sundays and mid-week.
Today Clive Addison reflects on establishing a daily quiet time of prayer.
Hands in prayer
“Ymlonyddwch, a deallwch mai myfi sydd Dduw”
Salm 46: 10
“Be still, and know that I am God.”
Psalm 46: 10

Clive Addison, from the Bro Celynnin Ministry Team, writes:

During lockdown many of us have become more in touch with our inner life, seen the world differently and then found new faith in God. That renewed relationship with Him proves what the Bible has promised. If we are willing to come closer to God, He will never ignore that effort. In response to our longing, He always comes closer to us!

When we are able to return to more normal activities, and life gets busier again, the challenge will be how to keep that closer relationship with God, which we have found to be such a blessing. When I became a committed Christian in my mid-thirties I remember struggling with that very question. I was introduced by a more mature friend to the idea of a daily “Quiet Time.” Here is how it goes!

First find a chair that you will use every day for the purpose (since few of us have our own personal chapel). The chair should stay in the same position. It can be one of your easy chairs in the living room, a favourite corner of the garden, your spare bedroom or whatever –  but “that chair” becomes your Holy Place.

Second, allocate at least half an hour every day as your Quiet Time. When my friend told me that, I laughed. I was a family man with two children in school and a job requiring substantial overtime to cover my responsibilities. Where was I going to find half an hour of uninterrupted time every day? He responded by asking, “When do you get up in the morning?” When I told him 6.30am he said, “So get up at 6.00am and spend the first half hour of your day with God! Surely you can do that after what He has done for you?”   

Point taken. That half hour has been in the daily timetable ever since. Each of us needs to find our own best time. But choosing to make an appointment every single day to be in God’s presence is truly life-changing.
Third, what to do with that precious half hour? I spend it in Bible reading and prayer, in that special quietness. Ask God to speak to you personally as you read His Word, to let you know His plans for your life and for that day. This is more than intellectual study. Take time to ponder and reflect. Reading with your head and heart lets God speak to your soul and spirit within. Ask Him to help you to do that and after a while you will find that He has. Many keep a prayer diary or journal to remember. A good cup of coffee helps with keeping awake and resisting early morning dozing!
Fourth, daily Bible notes or devotional material can really help. There are loads out there in the Christian publishing market to choose from. The website christianweb.org.uk, “An A to Z of Bible reading Notes,” can help, but if you find the list overwhelming, ask one of the Ministry Team, our reflection contributors or a Christian friend. Here is a short list of those I have used over the years, in no particular order:

CWR [Selwyn Hughes]  – Every day with Jesus.
Bible Society – Daily Reflections.
United Christian Broadcasters – Word for Today.
Scripture Union – Daily Bread
Church in Wales Liturgy with a Life Application Bible.

If you decide the Scripture Union “Daily Bread” might be for you, then for many years now, Heather Addison, Ministry Area and St. Mary’s Conwy Warden, takes a regular order from Kingdom Krafts to distribute. Contact Heather on 01492 572924 if you would like to be added to her list.

May Jesus bless you as you make time for Him every day. 

Daethom ynghyd yn deulu Duw
ym mhresenoldeb ein Tad,
i roddi iddo foliant a diolch,
i glywed a derbyn ei air,
i gyflwyno iddo anghenion yr holl fyd
ac i geisio ei ras,
fel y gallwn, trwy ei Fab, Iesu Grist,
ein rhoi ein hunain i’w wasanaeth.
Gweddi Ddyddiol, Yr Eglwys yng Ngymru 
We have come together as the family of God
in our Father’s presence,
to offer him praise and thanksgiving,
to hear and receive his word,
to bring before him the needs of the world
and to seek his grace,
that, through his Son, Jesus Christ,
we may give ourselves to his service.
Daily Prayer The Church in Wales

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