Daily Reflection 29th May

Lift high the cross!

Today’s  reflection is something of a double act … you’ll see from the story, how appropriate that term is!

Thanks to all who have sent in pictures of how they see the Holy Spirit in the world today. There will be room for more in the days around Pentecost (Sunday) – so if you haven’t yet had the chance, please do send yours in! Click here to send your picture of how you see the Spirit of God at work in the world today.

Edrychwch, rwyf yn gwneud peth newydd;
y mae’n tarddu yn awr; oni allwch ei adnabod?
Yn wir, rwy’n gwneud ffordd yn yr anialwch,
ac afonydd yn y diffeithwch.

Eseia 43: 19

I am about to do a new thing;
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 43: 19 


Reverend David Parry and Alan Bruford write:

Today’s picture comes from Alan Bruford, a dear friend in Liverpool and fellow Bro Celynnin Daily Reflections reader. It is his response to how we see the Spirit of God at work in the world today. Alan is a Chartered Accountant who has also been a church treasurer ever since he was a young man. The church is St. Philip’s Litherland, an inner-city dockland community and it is the first parish of which I was vicar.

Alan says, “This is a picture from possibly 15 years ago when David and I took the opportunity of using a mound of rubble to place a cross on at Easter. Anna was very worried that a passing policeman was going to arrest us! It was immediately adjacent to one of the busiest roads in the UK linking the motorways with Liverpool docks. I think the Holy Spirit moved us to place the cross that particular day and I think of it as ‘Christ in the urban jungle.’”
Our pimary school aged daughter Anna wasn’t the only one taken aback by the plan! Alan is legendary for his prudence, integrity and measured, gentle wisdom – all excellent qualities in a treasurer. It was therefore a shock to find him not only advocating trespass of what was a building site (with security!) but also roping me in as his accomplice! But then, taking us by surprise is how the Holy Spirit so often works. 
Seeing the picture again after so many years reminds me to take courage in proclaiming the Gospel. I hope it encourages you too to step out in faith, go public in new ways, and challenge others to climb over fences with you!

Yn ngrym yr Ysbryd Glân a dderbyniasom drwy ras,
gadewch inni weddïo.
Rhyddha yn dy bobl y gallu i fod yn dystion byw i’r holl fyd,
a chyflawni dy orchymyn
i garu’r rhai sy’n ceisio dy ddilyn di mewn gwirionedd.
Yn enw Iesu Grist. Amen.

In the power of the Holy Spirit that we have received by grace,
let us pray.
Release in your people the power of a living witness to the whole world,
fulfilling your command
to those who seek to follow you in truth.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Adapted from ‘Leading Intercessions – Arwain Ymbiliau’
© Raymond Chapman cyf. © Cynthia Davies

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