Daily Reflection 28th May

I was blind, now I see

Today Reverend David Parry reflects on truth and our news – together with an intriguing picture!

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Yna llefarodd Iesu wrthynt. “Myfi yw goleuni’r byd,” meddai. “Ni bydd neb sy’n fy nghanlyn i byth yn rhodio yn y tywyllwch, ond bydd ganddo oleuni’r bywyd.” 

Ioan 8: 12

Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.’ 

John 8: 12

Holy Spirit
Reverend David Parry writes:
This is Rydal Water in the Lake District. So perfect were the inverted images on its still surface that for a moment my brain pondered whether I might be looking at it upside down – the single tree closest to me actually the reflection. If we can even be disorientated with our boots on firm ground, no wonder complete uncertainty throws us into a spin. Like vertigo on a tall building. Like life in a global pandemic.
Future histories may well record ‘fake news’ as one of the key concepts of our time. Originally it was just an extremist political invention to deflect all criticism. Now refusing to accept inconvenient evidence is ubiquitous and mainstream. ‘They’ are only saying that because of who they are and their malign agenda. ‘We’ don’t need to listen to them. Even if I would like to transcend my own personal bias, what is really true in such a confusing and deeply divided time?
The detailed account of a miracle and its aftermath in John chapter 9 demonstrates that none of this is new. It reveals far more than Jesus’ compassion and authority to heal. Indeed, John has a lot of fun contrasting the blindly callous ‘committee of enquiry’ with the simple faith of this newly enlightened recipient of Salvation. It is based on the healed man’s own experience of Jesus, not the prejudices he is expected to confirm for them.
My prayer for each of us in these confusing and combative times is that we too might cut through with the simple truth he expressed, one of my favourite quotes in Scripture:
“One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”

Dduw y gwirionedd,
rwyt yn ein hadnabod ni yn well
nag yr ydym yn ein hadnabod ein hunain.
Rwyt yn chwilio ein calonnau a’n meddyliau,
ein gweld fel yr ydym mewn gwirionedd,
a’n herio i wynebu ein hunain am yr hyn yr ydym.
Dysga ni i wynebu’r gwirionedd
oherwydd bydd y gwir yn ein rhyddhau. Amen.

God of truth,
you know us better than we know ourselves,
you search our hearts and minds,
seeing us as we really are,
and confronting us with our true selves.
Teach us to face the truth,
for the truth will set us free. Amen.

Nick Fawcett cyf. Aled Davies

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