Explore ‘Chapter’ 3pm in Llangelynnin this Trinity Sunday

Find out more about prayer at our reflective Celtic Prayer and Praise Service this Trinity Sunday 16th June (3pm) at the Llangelynnin Old Church Hen EglwysWe are exploring another of the Seven Sacred Spaces of Christian community life, the values of which come from monastic communities:-


Llangelynnin aerial view 1

the place of guidance and decision

If you would like to walk across the hilltops for that extra sense of pilgrimage, there will be a group setting off from the middle car park of the Sychnant Pass at 1.15pm. It’s the second car park as you leave from the Conwy direction. Walking boots and wet weather gear are recommended, just in case it rains! Tea, coffee, homemade cakes and a much-needed loo stop are provided after the Service, so we look forward to seeing you there this Sunday!

Bro Celynnin BLACK

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