Celtic Prayer and Praise (2019)

In the evening of Sunday 20th January, the New Year Blwyddyn Newydd Service was in the beautiful St. Benedict’s Church, where we were welcomed with a cup of cocoa!

img_1628New Year Celtic Prayer and Praise Sunday Service

In the evening of 17th February, St. Benedict’s Church provided an evening of gentle, candle-lit reflection, with acoustic music inspired by the Psalms. Poetic and prophetic, they provided a beautiful insight into God’s love, and a source that we can come back to, time and time again. 

psalm 23

Early in the morning of 21st April, we gathered for Communion at Llangelynnin Old Church to celebrate the risen Christ. Alleluia!

IMG_2198Dawn Communion Easter Sunday Service

We are all at different stages on our journey of Faith, so come along to our next Celtic Prayer and Praise Service at Llangelynnin Old Church on 19th May (3pm). We are looking forward to worshipping together in this sacred and ancient place.

Llangelynnin 19 season

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