Celtic Prayer and Praise

We returned to St. Benedict’s Church in November 2019, and the theme for January 2020 is Seeking God’s path. Our Celtic Prayer and Praise Services are held in Gyffin every third Sunday, throughout Winter and Spring, so please come along, and enjoy a cuppa in your pew!

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We will celebrate the risen Christ together at the Dawn Easter Communion Service on Sunday 12th April (6am) at Llangelynnin Old Church. Services will then continue in this ancient place, high on a hill above Henryd, every third Sunday (3pm), throughout Summer and Autumn.


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20th October

This year, our last Celtic Prayer and Praise Service at Llangelynnin Old Church was in the afternoon of Sunday 20th October. It was a Communion Service, that explored Chapel. We are all at different stages on our journey of Faith, and lots of people came to worship together in this sacred and special place.



18th August

In the afternoon of 18th August, we explored Christian community life together, through the Seven Sacred Spaces Saith Gofod Sanctaidd, the values of which come from monastic communities. The focus was on Library, a place of knowledge and learning.


Has studying with others helped us to grow?

21st July

In the afternoon of 21st July, we explored another of the Seven Sacred Spaces. This time, the focus was on Cloister, that place of encounter, where the Church community is connected to the World. It is the meeting space where you meet a friend or a stranger, a place where you encounter others. It can be at a Church function, or in the community shop. The rule of St. Benedict is ‘never give a hollow greeting of peace, or turn away when someone needs your love‘.


How do your beliefs affect your chance encounters?

16th June

In the afternoon of 16th June on Trinity Sunday, we explored another of the Seven Sacred Spaces, namely Chapter, that place of meeting and decision-making, where we carry our Faith with us in all aspects of life. It is a space for debate, and an exchange of views. There is shared responsibility, where decisions are made, and the allocation of resources are determined. Rules and policies are made, and time is spent reflecting on the needs of others, where the values of members are discussed, and community life. 

Llangelynnin aerial view 1

How do we seek to be transformed to encounter God in our meetings?

21st April

Early in the morning on 21st April, we gathered for Communion at Llangelynnin Old Church to celebrate the risen Christ. Alleluia!

IMG_2198Dawn Communion Easter Sunday Service


17th February

In the evening of 17th February, St. Benedict’s Church provided an evening of gentle, candle-lit reflection, with acoustic music inspired by the Psalms. Poetic and prophetic, they provided a beautiful insight into God’s love, and a source that we can come back to, time and time again.

psalm 23


20th January

In the evening of Sunday 20th January, the New Year Blwyddyn Newydd Service was held in the beautiful St. Benedict’s Church, where we were welcomed with a cup of cocoa!

img_1628New Year Celtic Prayer and Praise Sunday Service


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