Llangelynnin Old Church

Llangelynnin Old Church is one of the oldest churches in Wales, dating back to the 12th century and next to a 6th century holy well. Yet in this ancient place of worship, something new has been happening. Here, in this ‘thin place’ where heaven touches earth, we offer ‘Celtic Praise’ every month from April to October. 

Sharing Communion at sunrise on Easter Sunday morning will remain long in the memory. It is hard to capture in words the beauty and depth of experience we enjoyed, as we stood in awe, sang, prayed, jammed ourselves like sardines under the ancient boughs and gathered around the table of new life. Here are a few pictures, kindly sent in by some of those who were blessed to be there.

Credit (clockwise): Susan Blagden, Helen Tattersall, David Parry

Credit (clockwise) Tarnya Newell, Tarnya Newell, Kimberley Heginbotham

Credit (clockwise) Tarnya Newell, David Parry, David Parry

Credit: Tarnya Newell, Helen Tattersall

Celtic Cross

The ‘we’ is not a congregation, as such. Every month is an open invitation to meet with God: a shared experience in a space that belongs to everyone.

Fitting with Llangelynnin’s hilltop location and panoramic vista across the Carneddau mountains and the Conwy valley, we invite everyone here to gain the ‘higher perspective’. With music led by acoustic instruments, prayers and a reflection, there is time to contemplate.

We arrive by many paths and recognise that many will be at different stages of a journey in faith. The ‘we’ can include you, even if ‘church’ is something you would not normally do. This is a space for everyone to meet God.

You will never sit in someone else’s seat.

For that extra sense of pilgrimage, there is a monthly walk across the hills to the church. You will receive generous hospitality (of tea, homemade cake and a loo stop!) at a nearby smallholding. What’s not to love?

Outdoor Services

Following the restrictions of Covid, and the loss of being able to worship in the church building, we were able to gather for ‘Praise in the hills’ in 2021, and one of 2022’s full season of services included another outdoor act of worship . Even the horses joined in!


  • LL32 8LJ
  • OS Grid Reference SH751737


Watch here Rev David Parry’s Good Friday pilgrimage of 2020, as he carried the cross alone (because of covid restrictions) up to Llangelynnin:


For all who find God on a mountainside, as we do, be blessed by this beautiful prayer from John Fleetwood (FX Cumbria, Mountain Pilgrims), translated by our own Meira Shakespear:

A blessing for a new day

Be blessed by the songs of the birds of the air

for they have no worries.

Be blessed by the silence

for God is whispering to you.

Be blessed by the falling rain

for it is the water of life.

Be blessed by the gusting wind

for it blows where it will.

Be blessed when the way seems hard

for you have found strength

Be blessed when tears are in your eyes

for you have been touched.

Be blessed when your soul soars

for God has spoken.


Bendith diwrnod newydd

Bendith cân yr adar arnom:

maent hwy yn ddibryder.

Bendith distawrwydd arnom:

Duw sydd yn sibrwd wrthym.

Bendith diferion y glaw arnom:

dyma ddyfroedd bywyd.

Bendith y gwynt anwadal arnom:

mae’n rhydd i chwythu fel y myn.

Bendith y llwybrau geirwon arnom:

atgyfnerthwyd ni.

Bendith dagrau’n llygaid arnom:

cyffyrddwyd ein henaid.

Bendith arnom pan gwyd ein hysbryd i’r nef:

clywsom lais Duw.


History of the Church

St. Celynnin’s Church itself is Grade 1 listed and dates back to the 12th century. You can see St. Celynnin’s Well with its reputed healing waters. Mae Eglwys Sant Celynnin yn restredig Gardd 1 ac yn dyddio’n ôl i’r 12fed ganrif. Cewch weld Ffynnon Celynnin, a honnir bod ei dŵr yn gallu iachau pobl.


St. Celynnin’s Church Eglwys Sant Celynnin

The Church rests quietly in an isolated position, high on the hills above the Conwy valley, 900 feet above sea level on the south side of Tal-y-Fan. The nearest villages are Llangelynnin, Rowen and Henryd, and it’s one of the oldest Churches in Wales. It was dedicated to St. Celynnin, who founded the first religious settlement on the site in the 6th century. The Church has a serenity and ancient beauty that captures the pilgrim heart, and gave its name to our  Bro Celynnin Ministry Area. Click here for more historical information.

Organising a pilgrimage to Llangelynnin

When the days of travelling together return, if you would like to bring a group to Llangelynnin:

  • for a tour of the building and its history: contact Local Warden, John Shakespear (01492) 650905
  • for any more details about Celtic Prayer and Praise, or to host a service: contact Rev Eryl Parry on 5churchinfo@gmail.com or via our contact form

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