A year on …

Llangelynnin aerial view 1

3.00pm Sunday 21st May Llangelynnin Old Church

Next weekend Bro Celynnin will be a year old – a tiny period of time compared to the ancient history of worship on this site where Saint Celynnin baptised new believers in the Holy Well (and where our Ministry Area Leader David slept overnight before his induction).  This special place, Llangelynnin, was the first service in the early morning of that big day a year ago.  Since then we have experienced an extraordinary growth of people coming from near and far, all at very different stages of a journey of faith, to experience reflective services – some very much as a personal pilgrimage as the walk across the hills to get here is a path well worth treading.  Fittingly, the first service of 2017 was very simple – the culmination of a walk by the Pilgrimage Group followed by a very beautiful ‘Break of Day’ Communion service at Dawn on Easter morning.  It’s therefore with great anticipation that we look forward to the first of our monthly Sunday afternoon services in a place where we experience that sense of ‘thin place’ between earth and heaven.  Please consider making the trip.  All is prepared.

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