The Bro Celynnin Ministry Area has 5 medieval churches with very special atmospheres in stunning settings.  In 2017, we have started exploring what pilgrimage is and how we can use what God has given us in these amazing places to deepen our own faith and work together to help our visitors and the wider community engage and enjoy the richness of how God speaks now, very personally and about what concerns our society today.

We’ve embarked on a big and enjoyable task, learning a lot about ourselves and one another as we are discovering, or sometimes re-discovering, the gifts God has given us!  Here are our sessions to date (notes from each are available by request from 5churchinfo@gmail.com )  Please do consider coming to those in the planning or simply get in touch if ‘Pilgrimage’ scratches where you itch!  It doesn’t matter that you haven’t been to the previous sessions – and certainly, watch this space as our project takes shape.


Session 1: January:  What is Pilgrimage?

Session 2: February: Embarking on the project to develop pilgrimages in Bro Celynnin

Session 3: March: ‘Preparing the Ground’ at St Benedict’s Gyffin

Session 4: April 6th Walk to Llangelynnin Church

Session 5: May  16th ‘Preparing the Ground’ at St Mary’s Caerhun

Session 6: July 8th ‘Preparing the Ground’ at St Peter’s Llanbedr-y-Cennin

Session 7:  September 2nd ‘Preparing the Ground’ at St Mary’s Conwy

Session 8: Monday 23rd October at the Vicarage: ‘Mapping out the Pilgrimage Project’: What have we learned so far & Who are we trying to reach?

Session 9: 2.00pm – 4.00pm Monday 4th December at the Vicarage: ‘Mapping out the Pilgrimage Project stage 2!’

Our October meeting brought together a great deal of learning and reflection, then a long list of people we are trying to reach which we grouped into 5 categories.  In this afternoon session we’ll gather good ideas that would begin to address the needs these different groups of people have, put them into an order of priority and set initial goals for 2018. 

When we set priorities, it will be with the clear intention of producing pilgrimage events and/or resources that address our two objectives:

  1. to help to deepen the faith of Christians when they make a visit or come on pilgrimage and
  2. to help those who do not yet know God’s transforming love to begin their journey of faith

Do come along, even if you’re joining this project at this stage.  Our meetings are always fun, interesting, informal and purposeful!