Christian Aid (2019)

Coffee Morning 12th January

A Coffee Morning was held at St. Michael’s Catholic Church Hall in Conwy on Saturday 12th January to raise money for Christian Aid.

Anna Jane Evans (Regional Coordinator for Christian Aid in North Wales) spoke to the group about how Solar Energy Projects are transforming the lives of those who are living in poverty: “Can you imagine what it would be like to live without electricity? There are people living in round mud huts, with solar panels on their thatched roofs now!”

We were invited to sign the card that is being presented to Jeremy Hunt (Foreign Secretary), asking the UK to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia. In Yemen, they need to give humanitarian access to people who are on the brink of famine, because of the fighting. We also need the UK Government to work with all parties, so that there can be an end to these hostilities. 


God teaches us that everyone is equal in His eyes and He loves us all. Giving our support to Christian Aid means that we can stand together for dignity, equality and justice.


The money raised will be used to improve the lives of women living in rural communities, by giving them sustainable energy. From one year to the next, women living in Burkina Faso, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Honduras, don’t know what their harvests will yield, because of climate change. Technical and financial assistance will lift these women out of poverty and help to break the barriers.

A grant from the European Union means that every £1 donated becomes £5. The event raised £1,001, which is a total of £5,005 for Christian Aid!

A special thank you for all your support!




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