Art Group

A keen core group of eager art and craft practitioners has developed over the past year at St. Mary’s Conwy and it looks as though it will continue! It would be lovely if an art group across Bro Celynnin could develop and a warm welcome awaits anyone who might like to help develop this.  Following Harvest, (when we started),  we responded to the Church seasons in the calendar and exhibited work in the side-chapel in St. Mary’s, on the theme of Lent, leading to Holy Week and the new life of Easter. It really added a valuable extra dimension to worship and the experience of visiting the church.  Our current exhibition is on the theme of ‘Pilgrimage’, writes our coordinator Terry Mart:

“The title was chosen because it is broad enough to offer interesting possibilities for a range of artistic expression while engaging with a vital and valuable Christian practice.

Pilgrimage can be something physical, such as a walk or journey of spiritual exploration, often to a sacred space connected with a saint. Some of the work follows this approach and endeavours, along the way, to find contemporary parallels to the traditional stories that are associated with the saint and the place.

Pilgrimage however, can also make an internal journey as life’s experiences force unwanted change upon us. This kind can be lonely and difficult, perhaps sometimes with only a glimmer of faith and hope to draw us on among unanswered questions and unresolved disappointments. Some of the poetry addresses such themes.

Each artist or poet has responded in their own way according to their method of working, so just like any pilgrimage, as you make your way round the items placed here, you may find yourself walking alongside someone with similar thoughts. Their work and yours, for there is a place for you to contribute, makes up the whole…sometimes the meeting and exchanging of ideas is almost as good as arriving.

St. Mary’s Conwy and Bro Celynin Art Group.

August 2017 

Pilgrimage Exhibition

fish art
A magnificent art-piece by the children at the Love Conwy Mission!

Lent and Easter

It was so good to see people lingering in the side chapel after the Palm Sunday, the Compline services of Holy Week and Easter weekend itself .

If you are interested in contributing to this growing part of our life together please get in touch or direct to co-ordinator