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All Called

This is such special day for Bro Celynnin. Eryl Parry is being ordained as a Pioneer Priest in Hen Eglwys Llangelynnin, our simple, ancient and holy church high above the Conwy valley. Sadly most of us can’t be there today because of the pandemic restrictions on numbers. However our prayers and thoughts are with Eryl as she responds to God’s call.

In this first edition of our new weekly Reflection, David Parry writes about Christian calling.

Everyone is warmly invited for Zoom Coffee tomorrow at the new time of 10:30am, which will be every Tuesday. We are going to explore the theme of calling some more together.

IMG_4722The Font at St. Benedict’s Gyffin
Dywedodd Iesu, “Nid chwi a’m dewisodd i,
ond myfi a’ch dewisodd chwi,
a’ch penodi i fynd allan a dwyn ffrwyth, ffrwyth sy’n aros.” 
Ioan 15: 16
Jesus said, “You did not choose me but I chose you.
And I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last.”
John 15: 16

David Parry writes:

This week’s picture shows a 13th Century Font near the entrance of St. Benedict’s Church, in Gyffin. As in most churches, that means the first thing you see on arrival is the place of Baptism. It is there as a visual reminder of the invitation to become a Christian.

Dafydd ap Gronw baptised his baby son Richard in this font, 515 years ago. Dafydd was the parish priest of Gyffin and married to Sioned. Their son grew up to be ordained as well. In fact Richard Davies became a Bishop, of St. Asaph and then St. David’s. He is famous for helping to translate the Bible into Welsh. Leaders like Richard were vital to the renewal of Christianity in Wales, and also gave us the Welsh language in its modern, accessible form.

As a boy in Conwy however, Richard the priest’s son was bullied because of his speech impediment. They called him ‘Biffe’ (idiot), a nickname he never quite managed to shrug off, even once he was a celebrated scholar and eloquent preacher.

All of this reminds me that ordinary believers with real troubles and challenges (not perfect ‘plaster statue’ saints) are called into Christian service. We all need His Salvation and we are all received into His family in exactly the same way, by Baptism. But amazingly, we have different contributions to make as Jesus transforms the world. Every single one of us important to the emerging Kingdom of God. That’s why the font in Gyffin is a reminder of vocation as well.

I couldn’t be more proud of my wife Eryl as she is ordained today. Anyone who has experienced her gifts and personality will need no persuading that she is already called to Ministry and that this new vocation is clearly God’s will. Yet I know that Eryl would be the first to say that vocation is not just narrowly about priesthood.  Each of us is called in a different, special way. Our calling is unique and personal. 

Each life offered to God, as baby Richard was, each person obedient to what God is asking of them, as Eryl is today, helps to bring about God’s purposes and to share His love. It all starts with our Baptism. From that point on we are on the team. Eryl’s calling has unfolded over many years, with plenty of surprises. So watch out! God may still have some surprises in store for you too. 

What is your calling?

Arglwydd trugarog,
clyw ni a bendithia ni,
ac megis y gelwaist ni i’th wasanaeth,
gwna ni’n deilwng o’n galwad,
trwy Iesu Grist ein Harglwydd.
Yr Eglwys yng Nghymru
Merciful Lord,
hear us and bless us,
and as you have called us to your service,
make us worthy of our calling,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
The Church in Wales

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