Daily Reflection 1st May

Stop Press …

This coming Sunday, your daily reflection will land in your inbox at 8am as usual, but for the first time we have expanded it to a short recorded video service.

Then you are invited to share coffee together at 11.30am. It will be lovely to see one another – even if it is ‘virtually’! See below how you can get ready to join us.

Virtual Coffee Morning – Sunday 3rd May (11.30am)
Sunday Morning Coffee

We have set up another way for us to keep in touch! For those who don’t have ‘Zoom’ on their computers or phone, here’s what you need to do:-

You can access our Coffee Morning via Zoom, either on your computer, your Apple phone or iPad (download Apple app), or Android (download app from Google Play), then use this link https://us04web.zoom.us/j/669628312.

If you are having any difficulty with this, e-mail us your phone number by clicking here and we’ll call you back!

Open your computer, bring your coffee (cake optional!) and join us by clicking here.

Or join us via your software using the following ID:-

Meeting ID: 744 4802 3418
Password: 027997

Alternatively, you can use your phone by calling 020 3481 5237 and enter the meeting ID and password when prompted.

See you there!

There is a Reason

Today, we have a real treat.

Florence Kaiser has sung in St. Mary’s Church Choir, in Conwy, from childhood. Like millions of university students worldwide, she is currently back home because of the pandemic. Flo has recorded her beautiful and haunting version of a Ron Block song (originally performed by Alison Krauss) on the video below which then leads into our daily reflection by Reverend David Parry.

Florence Kaiser
Click here to read the transcript of this song.
Reverend David Parry writes:

It is called ‘There is a Reason’, yet the lyrics actually acknowledge with honesty how hard it can be to find the ‘reason’ for what happens in our lives. Belief that we are part of a good and positive plan isn’t always easy in the face of suffering, setbacks and our own vulnerability. Christians are not immune from that uncertainty, even if we are sometimes too ashamed to admit it. 

Yet if the purpose in everything was always plain and easy to discern, we wouldn’t need faith in God and we wouldn’t need each other. St. Peter struggled to accept that his Lord was a suffering servant (who wanted to wash his feet) but Jesus answered him, “You do not know now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” John 13: 7   

Flo’s song reminds us that only when we worship and pray, taking all our doubts and struggles into the presence of God, do we discover the reason we can trust him. 

“Ond pan geisiais ddeall hyn, yr oedd yn rhy anodd i mi, nes imi fynd i gysegr Duw.”
Salm 73: 16-17
“When I thought how to understand this, it seemed to me a wearisome task until I went into the sanctuary of God.”
Psalm 73: 16-17

Dad pawb oll,
dyfnha o’n mewn y synnwyr o fawl a syfrdan
yn rhythmau barddoniaeth a chân,
fel y cawn weld a chanfod
rhyfeddod dy ogoniant.
Gofynnwn hyn trwy Iesu Grist ein Harglwydd. Amen.

Father of all,
deepen within us the sense of awesome praise
in the rhythms of poetry and song,
that we may glimpse and behold
the wonder of your glory.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

© Church in Wales Publications 

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