Daily Reflection 3rd April

Settling our minds in unsettled times

Well, we’re now at the end of the second week of this strange new world of isolation. Thank you to everyone who has got in touch with encouraging messages and those who have written reflections. It seems to be one way that we can feel connected and supported. The numbers getting our daily reflections grows daily. Please encourage anyone you think would also find them helpful, to simply type ‘yes please’ to 5churchinfo@gmail.com.

Today’s reflection from Reverend Eryl Parry, offers a way of ending the week in prayer – and she shares here too a little explanation of the ring she wears!

Are you finding it difficult to ‘settle’ these days? In times of global anxiety, many of us are finding it has an impact on mental health, and it’s a good thing to limit the number of times we check the news a day. Whether these strange times are causing some of us to be busier or for others’ lives to be emptier, life is certainly very different – and that is unsettling. Some of the things we’re dealing with also cause a rollercoaster of emotions.
Prayer is a great gift from God that can still the mind. Sleep, in particular, does not come easily to me these days and I have found a 400-year old method very helpful in making me settle. This ‘prayer-filled mindfulness’ helps us to review the day, (or a week), see God at work in it and offer it all in prayer. Called ‘The Examen’ (or self-examination),  based on the teachings and practice of St. Ignatius Loyola, it has nothing to do with exams! Now that would be stressful …
It has just five steps, that my ring helps me remember (of course, fingers will do!). There are so many books and websites for more, and here’s a helpful guide in Welsh and English. But for now, below is the Examen ‘in a nutshell’, in 5 ‘A’s.

Find a comfortable spot, and have a go. Rest awhile and become settled. Take your time over each one. Allow God to direct your thoughts, so that you gain insight that doesn’t just come from our own understanding.

  • Ask God to help you become aware of his presence, and enter his ‘holy company’.
  • Acknowledge good things that have happened; recall one by one, the blessings to be thankful for.
  • Attend to your memories of the day or week that has passed, particularly focusing on how each thing made you feel.
  • Become aware of one feature of that period of time that has struck you in a significant way.  Lift that one thing to God in prayer, asking for anything appropriate like comfort, forgiveness, wisdom or guidance.
  • Anticipate tomorrow, asking God’s blessing, strength and courage for all that lies ahead.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”
Proverbs 3: 5-6


“Trystia’r ARGLWYDD yn llwyr; paid dibynnu ar dy syniadau dy hun. Gwrando arno fe bob amser, a bydd e’n dangos y ffordd iawn i ti.”

Diarhebion 3: 5-6

Incarnate God, in our times of fear and uncertainty, remind us that before rising in triumph from death, you passed through desolation and darkness.
As the days lighten, assure us of the hope you bring us; so that our trust and confidence in you may not waiver, but sustain us through whatever difficulties we face. Amen.

O Dduw, yr hwn a ddaeth yn y cnawd; yn ein hoes o ofn ac ansicrwydd, atgoffa ni dy fod, cyn codi mewn buddugoliaeth o farwolaeth, wedi profi anghyfannedd a thywyllwch.
Wrth i’r dyddiau ymestyn a goleuo, dyro sicrwydd i ni o’r gobaith sydd gennyt i ni; fel na fydd ein hymddiriedaeth a’n hyder ynot yn simsanu, ond cynnal ni pa bynnag anawsterau a ddaw i’n rhan. Amen.

Prayer by / Gweddi gan Carol Wardman


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