Daily Reflection 29th March

A reflection for Passion Sunday

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Jesus sternly ordered and commanded them not to tell anyone, saying, ‘The Son of Man must undergo great suffering, and be rejected by the elders, chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised.’

Luke 9: 21-22

Ond dyma Iesu’n pwyso’n drwm arnyn nhw i beidio dweud wrth neb. Dwedodd wrthyn nhw, “Mae’n rhaid i mi, Mab y Dyn, ddioddef yn ofnadwy. Bydd yr arweinwyr, y prif offeiriaid a’r arbenigwyr yn y Gyfraith yn fy ngwrthod i. Bydda i’n cael fy lladd, ond yna’n dod yn ôl yn fyw ddeuddydd wedyn.

Luc 9: 21-22

We pray for all who suffer. Heal the sick in body or mind and those who are weary with long illness. Comfort those who are sorrowful. When we do not know how to help others, accept our silent care for them and our trust in your mercy.
We pray in the name of Christ for patience and hope in all our troubles.

Gweddïwn dros bawb sy’n dioddef. Iachâ’r claf o gorff neu feddwl a’r rhai sydd yn lluddedig ar ôl salwch hir. Cysura’r rhai sy’n galaru. Pan nad ydym yn gwybod sut i helpu eraill, derbyn ein gofal tawel amdanynt a’n hymddiriedaeth yn dy drugaredd di.
Yn enw Crist gofynnwn am amynedd a gobaith yn ein holl adfyd.


One thought on “Daily Reflection 29th March

  1. We so appreciated your message, thank you, and lovely to hear your voice. Think Ros struggling the most here at present, her work, with staff shortage… We have seen Aiden from a safe distance, Peter took seed potatoes to Stan and Margaret, and Kate takes Margaret shopping. Seen Pat and Brett enjoying a walk and Peter spoke with Jill last week who had fallen in the garden. Sarah and Wyn ok. Heather has a new carer Evita and we speak across the boundary. Myfanvy had a nice birthday. Gwyn and Donna in touch regularly and of course our home group Whatsapp is alive. We have no news of Simon. So there is a little resume. We look forward to Zadok having a playmate in September! With love in our Lord, the tatts


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