Journeying in Joy next Sunday in Gyffin

Sunday 16th February (6pm)

Our monthly Celtic Prayer and Praise Service at St. Benedict’s Church, in Gyffin, will be exploring through music, prayer and reflection, how we can follow a path with joy. It follows January’s theme of path-seeking… so we now pose the question: just how do we learn to pursue a road that God is leading us down, with perseverance?

Don’t worry if you were not able to come in January. This theme stands alone and can apply to any kind of situation, whether our paths appear clear and smooth, or undulating and bumpy! Reverend Susan Blagden will be offering her thoughts, in our usual gentle atmosphere in the ancient, candle-lit beauty of St. Benedict’s: an experience for heart and mind.

We really hope to see you there!

JourneyingJourneying in Joy

Bro Celynnin BLACK

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