Men’s Fellowship

A Men’s Fellowship Group has been arranged by St. Michael’s Church in Abergele. It’s in The Plantation Coffee Shop on the second Saturday of every month:-

  • Saturday 9th February (9.30am)
  • Saturday 9th March (9.30am)
  • Saturday 13th April (9.30am)
  • Saturday 11th May (9.30am)
  • Saturday 8th June (9.30am)
  • Saturday 13th July (9.30am)
  • Saturday 10th August (9.30am)
  • Saturday 14th September (9.30am)
  • Saturday 12th October (9.30am)
  • Saturday 9th November (9.30am)
  • Saturday 14th December (9.30am)

It gives men in our communities the chance to have a chat over a coffee and a bacon bap on a Saturday morning. So come along! 



Reverend Paul Flavell (01745) 823668

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