Celtic Prayer and Praise in Gyffin this Sunday

We are beginning the New Year Blwyddyn Newydd by inviting you into the cosy and beautiful Church of St. Benedict’s in Gyffin on Sunday 20th January (6pm).

The ancient, and atmospheric surroundings of St. Benedict’s will provide an evening of gentle, candle-lit reflection, with acoustic music inspired by the Psalms.

psalm 23

Poetic and prophetic, they provide us with a beautiful insight into God’s love and a source that we can come back to, time and time again. Whatever stage of life you are at, or whatever is going on right now, you will find comfort and inspiration.

We are all at different places on our journey of faith. We really hope that you will come to this Celtic Prayer and Praise evening. Everybody’s welcomed with a hot drink too! What’s not to love?


celtic winter

Bro Celynnin BLACK

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