Rogation Days

The English word rogation is from the Latin word rogare, which means to ask. For many centuries, the Rogation Days were synonymous with fasting and abstinence, and congregations used to walk around the outskirts of their Ministry Areas, blessing, chanting, or even reciting a Litany of the Saints. 

We ask for God’s mercy on all that He created, so that there is enough food for everyone. It’s a time when we remember how dependent we are on the people that produce and distribute our food, and that each and every one of us, has a responsibility to protect this environment.

God has given us the responsibility to care for this planet. He created it, so that it can sustain life.

Entrance into the Temple: The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it; for He has founded it on the seas, and established it on the rivers.

Psalm 24: 1-2 

Rogation Sunday is the day when we express our thanks to God for blessing the fruits of the Earth, and for all the hard work that is being done by our food producers, both on land and at sea. It is the Major Rogation that precedes the three days before Ascension Day, which are known as the Minor Rogations.

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