There are a number of ways that you can make a donation:


You can make an electronic bank transfer to Bro Celynnin, using Sort Code: 53-70-33, Account Number: 76699854, and your name as the Reference. There is no BACS charge for a donation.


You can make donations online using our account on the Charities Aid Foundation website. Just copy our Registered Charity Number 1185028, click here, scroll down to Find a charity, paste our Registered Charity Number 1185028, then click Search. This will take you to a page where you can donate by Credit Card or PayPal. If you are a UK taxpayer, please tick the box to claim Gift Aid. There is a 4% CAF charge for a donation.

Gift Direct

Gift Direct is a centralised giving scheme run by the Church in Wales. People make monthly donations by standing order or direct debit. We then receive the total amount in our bank account every month – with Gift Aid! We much prefer this method of donation, because it means we have a guaranteed income every month for budget management. To set up a new Gift Direct donation online, click here. Alternatively, if you prefer paper, just click here for the brochure, print and return both the completed Gift Direct Commitment Form and the Direct Debit Form in the post. The Church in Wales postal address is provided in the brochure. If you wish, you can opt to have the amount increased annually in line with inflation. Where it says PARISH NAME on the GIFT DIRECT COMMITMENT FORM, write Bro Celynnin Ministry Area B244. If you are a UK taxpayer, please tick the box to claim Gift Aid. To change an existing arrangement, click here to send a message on the website, or click here to send an email.

Specific Purpose

If you would prefer to give directly to one of our churches for a specific purpose, or have any queries, please click here to send an email to our Ministry Area Treasurer.

Legacy Giving

Making a will may seem daunting, but it is a positive opportunity to do lasting good, which will be warmly appreciated by those you leave behind. It is a welcome means of showing generosity to people and institutions we love, and those who have loved and nurtured us over the course of our lives.

Everyone naturally wants to provide for their families and friends, but there are tax advantages in making bequests to charities, including the Church. Legally, there is no requirement to pay inheritance tax on Legacy Giving, and the law currently provides a significant reduction of 4% in the rate of inheritance tax paid when 10% of an estate is left to charities.

Legacy Giving means you can support this Ministry Area. You may wish to support something specific, such as our mission or social justice work in the community, the fabric of one of the buildings, or even our music. All your gifts play a vital role in securing the future of this Ministry and even a small percentage of an estate can have a transformative effect.

Having provided for your family, leaving a bequest to the Church is a natural step in the sequence of planned giving that you may already be involved in; you can continue your giving by remembering our Ministry Area, or one of our ancient churches in your will. By making such a gift, you help build God’s kingdom and ensure a spiritual heritage for our future generations. This legacy enables you to express your lasting love, goodwill and generosity.

Our churches are thankful to those who have gone before us. Generous legacies have funded Church ministry for many centuries, the fruits of which we continue to enjoy today. The generosity of past benefactors is remembered with warmth and gratitude, long after they have departed. Their names are inscribed in our archives, and many on the walls of our churches. Please help us to maintain this great tradition.

Wording for Wills

You can make your will using the services of a solicitor. The recommended wording for Legacy Giving is:

‘I leave to the vicar and churchwardens for the time being of the parish of Bro Celynnin in the diocese of Bangor …..% of my residuary estate OR the sum of £….. free of all taxes for the general purposes of the parish and I declare that the receipt of the parish treasurer, or other authorised officer of the parish for the time being, shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my executors’.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact the Vicar: Reverend David Parry.

Bro Celynnin Legacy Leaflet (page 1)
Bro Celynnin Legacy Leaflet (page 2)
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