Celebrate ‘Our Father’ at Llangelynnin

We are giving a special focus on Fathers’ Day to consider who is our heavenly Father, and warmly welcome Rev Susan Blagden, tutor at St Padarn’s Institute to help us do that!  Our ancient church, set high on the hills, gives us a special place to think, pray and praise.  We very much hope youContinue reading “Celebrate ‘Our Father’ at Llangelynnin”

Journey through Holy Week

Our group of beautifully atmospheric, ancient churches provide the ideal places to contemplate through Holy Week.  Join us every evening at 6.30pm: Monday – Thursday (Maundy Thursday also having the bonus of a very powerful art piece prepared for us by the Art Group, which invites us to interact with it as we move forwardContinue reading “Journey through Holy Week”