Have you been bereaved?

The Escape Artists will be back at St. Mary’s Church Hall in Conwy on Tuesday 8th January 2019 (2pm – 4pm).

The Art Group is called Still Life, and it’s for people who have been bereaved. You don’t need to book, or have any previous experience of art.

The loss of a relative, friend or colleague affects all of us at some point. We all grieve differently, and sometimes, just having a friend to sit with you, without saying anything, can help. Friends help us to manage the pain.

At Still Life, you can be with people who have shared that experience of loss, and create art to express your feelings. It’s a friendly and informal group and free of charge. Professional artists run each workshop and use a wide range of media.

Cruse bereavement counsellors are also available to talk privately, if that’s your wish.

Click here for more information about the sessions in 2019.

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