Evening Hymn

Mark McNulty has added his beautiful images of North Wales to a recording of Cantorion Celynnin from last week’s Evensong. 

“Thee, Lord, before the close of day, Maker of all things, thee we pray for thy dear loving kindness’ sake, to guard and guide us in thy way. / Banish the dreams that terrify and night’s fantastic company. Keep us from Satan’s tyranny. Defend us from unchastity. / Protect us, Father God adored, thou too, co-equal Son and Lord, thou Holy Ghost, our Advocate, whose reign can know nor bound nor date.”  [Henry Balfour Gardiner (1908), based on Te lucis ante terminum, a Compline hymn which may date from the 4th Century]

Conductor Chris Roberts; Organist Martin Brown

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