Daily Reflection 17th July


David Parry is no longer trying to get away from it all …

‘Felly hefyd yr ydym ni, sy’n llawer, yn un corff yng Nghrist,
ac yn aelodau bob un i’w gilydd.’
Rhufeiniaid 12: 5
‘So we, who are many, are one body in Christ,
and individually we are members one of another.’
Romans 12: 5
Reverend David Parry writes:
We were four brothers who looked very alike, bouncing off each other in a small, crowded house. Growing up, I was often desperate to be different, an individual, to be myself. The rare occasions when I could be on my own and just do what I wanted were bliss.

All these years later I still enjoy a bit of peace and quiet – but the need to be separate and protect my privacy is far less strong. My best experiences have been in relationship with other people. Of course family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances spring to mind. But a beautiful and totally unexpected surprise has been the rich joy of belonging to the Church.

‘Unexpected’ because going to a service every Sunday as a child was mainly about boredom and discomfort. Sitting still and keeping silent were highly prized (with bonus points awarded for invisibility!).

Coming back to faith as an adult was a revelation. I found out that I matter and am accepted with loving forgiveness  – but also that we matter. I joined an amazing, diverse, worldwide Christian family that is teeming with life, hope, kindness and a passion to change the world. There is only one Church and we are eternal, universal yet local and profoundly intimate. There are so many amazing brothers and sisters in Christ to cherish, some still on Earth and some gone ahead to wait for us.

I was speaking yesterday to the Head of Ysgol Llangelynnin. Mr. Prydderch mentioned that next year’s Nursery children can’t visit their new school as they usually would. Instead he and a colleague will host a virtual welcome party by computer for these little people, each in their own home. 

Imagine the chaotic and beautiful joy of that. No-one need sit still or be silent. Instead they will begin to discover that their Church School is a loving family, because it is part of the one loving family that Jesus created. 

This is the Body of Christ in which all can belong and flourish: becoming fully ‘me’ and fully ‘us’. One of the children is the fifth generation of a local family to attend Ysgol Llangelynnin. Please pray for our growing Church all over the world. Please pray for us

Dduw cariadlon,
diolchwn i ti heddiw eto
am y gymdeithas a fwynhawn yn yr Eglwys hon –
am bopeth mae’n ei gynnig,
am bopeth mae’n ei olygu
a’r holl ffyrdd mae’n cyfoethogi ein bywydau,.
ac yn helaethu ein profiad.
Diolchwn am yr undeb a ddarganfyddwn yng Nghrist,
am y cariad sy’n ein plethu ynghyd.
Loving God,
we thank you again today
for the fellowship we share in this Church –
for all it offers, all it means
and all the ways it enriches our lives
and enlarges our experience.
We thank you for the unity we have discovered in Christ,
for the love that binds us together.
Raymond Chapman cyf. Cynthia Davies

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