Daily Reflection 14th July

Stepping out

Yesterday’s reflection gave us a picture of ‘counting stones’: a ‘keeping in step’ with God’s love. Today Reverend Eryl Parry takes up this theme with a rather different image!
Stop Sign


Dw i eisiau dy ddilyn di, ARGLWYDD; 
dysga dy ffyrdd i mi.
Arwain fi ar y ffordd iawn a dysga fi, 
achos ti ydy’r Duw sy’n fy achub i.  
Dw i’n dibynnu arnat ti bob amser.

Salm 25: 4-5

Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
teach me your paths.
Lead me in your truth, and teach me,
for you are the God of my salvation;
for you I wait all day long.

Psalm 25: 4-5

Reverend Eryl Parry writes:

This extraordinary time that we’re living through has had its ups and downs, and its fair share of surprises. But it amazes me how quickly we all fall into some kind of routine – perhaps the ‘counting of days’ of yesterday’s reflection. There definitely seems to be a need for rhythm. Despite the utter disruption to the pattern of our week up to March 2020, we have developed other ways to keep ourselves going. For many of us, the reading of the ‘daily reflection’ has become an ‘anchor’ of faith, a daily rhythm, that’s helped us not only in our personal walk with God, but has also given us the sense of belonging to a community that’s travelling through this time together.

Another part of my routine is that my week is now beautifully peppered with the regular commitments to ‘check in’ and pray with others. It has felt like a real shared journey – and one that I am loathed to give up as the restrictions of ‘lockdown’ begin to ease. Yesterday morning, a friend shared a picture of a ‘lollipop man’ holding the ‘stop, children crossing’ sign. He prayed for all our leaders in the church and wider public life as they feel the weight of the responsibility to guide people safely. They have, after all, had to ‘step out’ and stop us all in our tracks. For our part, we may have felt frustration, like the drivers at their wheels, having to wait to proceed with our lives.

But in that waiting, I think we have gained much. Being stopped in our tracks has not meant that we’ve done nothing. I’ve learned a lot about what I treasure, and found which of my new routines have been the most life-giving.

It seems with the easing of restrictions that we’ve begun to enter a new phase. Rather than being the driver waiting at the wheel, I wonder if we can begin to imagine ourselves as the child stepping off the pavement. For we, as God’s children, have been patiently waiting. We haven’t been waiting alone. We have had the companionship of fellow classmates. And when it’s safe to cross the road, we’re going to cross together.

It is God Himself who understands our fearfulness in stepping out, as we’ve been standing in that position for some time. But I imagine Him smiling, as He gently puts down the ‘stop’ sign, and beckons us into the next stage of the journey. Our learning, through waiting, is that we can trust Him. He has shown us new ways of relating to Him and one another. So, rather than embarking on a brand new journey, we can begin to sense continuity of travel. For He is the God of past, – He led us to this point, present – He is here, and future – it is He who stepped out before us and now He leads the way. 

Ein Duw bywiol,
tyrd gyda ni ar ein taith fel disgyblion.
Rho i ni ffydd i ddilyn lle rwyt ti yn arwain,
dewder i gamu allan i’r anhysbys a
gras i gerdded â gwyleidd-dra.

Our living God,
go with us on our journey of discipleship.
Grant us faith to follow where you might lead,
courage to step out into the unknown
and grace to walk with humility.

Nick Fawcett cyf. Aled Davies

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