Daily Reflection 20th June

News update and today’s reflection

Changes to Welsh Government pandemic rules, announced yesterday, will allow some places of worship to open for individual private prayer. The Church in Wales has also published detailed and helpful guidance about this. Now our Churchwardens, Vicar and Archdeacon are carrying out risk assessments to see what might be possible in Bro Celynnin. Please pray for wisdom and care in that work and our decision-making.

The past 3 months have been very different for children and their parents. Aine Teasdale from Gyffin shares her reflections on how God has been at work in her family’s enforced time as a ‘home school’.


‘Dw i’n gweddïo y bydd Duw yn tywallt ei drugaredd, ei heddwch dwfn a’i gariad di-ben-draw arnoch chi!’

Jwdas 2 Beibl.net © Cymdeithas y Beibl
‘Kindness, peace, lovemay they never stop blooming in you and from you.
Jude 2 The Voice Bible © Thomas Nelson Inc.

Aine Teasdale writes:

I was glad when Eryl approached me to reflect on our family life during this pandemic. However the time to write it was not easy to find amongst home-school, work, cooking, cleaning and other jobs!!!
I chose the Bible quote above, from Jude, because it sums up my hopes for this season. Little did we know back in March how much our lives would change and that we would be our children’s main educator! Working in Education doesn’t prepare you for the challenge. With our teenage daughter and 10 year old son, the programme is very different to the young children I am responsible for in school.

However both of their schools being very organised, encouraging and supportive makes the experience easier to manage. Thankfully our children have always and continue to enjoy learning and are motivated and engaged. Matthew and I are also enjoying opportunities, that may not have always occurred before lockdown, to influence aspects of their learning.

As parents, nurture has always come first in the care of our children, followed closely by nature. Above all we want them to grow up as kind, caring, warm, happy and confident people ready to face the world and its challenges.

Conservation and nature play a large part in our lives and help to nurture strong values and care. We have been baking, crafting, reading, playing many board games and enjoying time in our beautiful surroundings – in this wonderful place Conwy which is our home.

I hope kindness, peace and love never stop blooming in my children. Just as our new corner we have created in the garden is blooming through nurture (shown in the picture), so let these gifts grow in all children everywhere. Lockdown has seen many acts of kindness in our community and throughout the world. Let these qualities bloom forever.

Dragwyddol a chariadus Dduw,
addewaist y bydd i’r rhai sy’n dy geisio dy gael.
Gweddïwn am dy fendith ar deuluoedd.
Cyfarwydda hwy â’th ddoethineb
a dyfnha eu gwybodaeth o’th Fab a’u cariad ato ef,
ein Gwaredwr Iesu Grist.
Yr Eglwys yng Nghymru
Eternal and loving God,
you have promised that
those who seek you will find you.
We pray for your blessing on families.
Guide them with your wisdom
and deepen their knowledge and love of your Son,
our Saviour Jesus Christ.
The Church in Wales

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