Daily Reflection 17th June

Red Kite

In 2006 a Red Kite was spotted flying over London, for the first time in 150 years. Once almost extinct in the UK, these magnificent birds of prey have been patiently reintroduced by conservationists. They are still quite a rare sight though – and one which inspired Vivien Wakely to write today’s reflection.

Red Kite

Fel yr adar yn hofran uwchben,
felly y bydd ARGLWYDD y Lluoedd yn amddiffyn Jerwsalem;
bydd yn amddiffyn a gwaredu, yn arbed ac achub.
Eseia 31:5
Y Beibl Cymraeg Newydd
© Cymdeithas y Beibl
Like birds hovering overhead, so the Lord of hosts will protect Jerusalem;
he will protect and deliver it, he will spare and rescue it.
Isaiah 31:5
New Revised Standard Version Anglicised
© Nat. Council Churches of Christ USA
Vivien Wakely writes:

When David our Vicar first asked if I would consider contributing a reflection, my immediate reaction was “not likely!

But then, on Pentecost Sunday, I saw a Red Kite. A magnificent creature, a free spirit wheeling above our garden in Conwy, rising and falling effortlessly on the thermals. It occurred to me that this is how the Holy Spirit comes to us – not just as our ‘inner small voice’ but as one who hovers over and around us. Elegant, awe-inspiring and exciting. It felt like a gift for Pentecost, which of course is what it was – and is!

We have now entered into the season of the Trinity, and the image of the Kite is still in my mind. It has made such a joyful and joyous impression on me. It has re-affirmed in me that God’s Spirit is always with us, and like the Red Kite a very real presence in our lives. In these restricted and distanced times, when all our certainties are rendered uncertain, how much more vital it is to feel that very real presence of God in our lives, by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is by his Spirit that we know He is with us, by our side as we come to terms with a very different way of life: guiding, advising, supporting and comforting us.

If you live locally, you may also have seen the Kite. I hope and pray your heart will have been similarly uplifted and filled with joy! 

Ein hollalluog a thragwyddol Dduw,
deuwn i’th addoli ag arswyd a rhyfeddod.
Rwyt goruwch ein meddyliau gorau
ond eto bob amser wrth ein hochr;
yn fwy na’n meddyliau a’n dychymyg
ond wedi dy wneud yn hysbys i ni yng Nghrist;
yn fwy pwerus nag unrhyw beth neu unrhyw un
ond eto yn ein meithrin fel y mae mam yn gofalu am ei phlentyn;
yn gyson ar waith ym mywydau cenhedloedd ac ymerodraethu
ond eto gyda gofal arbennig am bod un ohonom.
Rhyfeddwn at dy gariad; derbyn ein mawl.


Almighty and everlasting God,
with awe and wonder we come to worship you.
You are higher than our highest thoughts
but always close by our sides;
greater than we can ever think or imagine
yet made known to us in Christ;
more powerful than anything or anyone
but nurturing us as a mother tends her child;
constantly at work in the lives of nations and empires
yet having a special care for every one of us.
We marvel at your love; receive our praise. 

Nick Fawcett cyf. Aled Davies

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