Daily Reflection 21st May

Ascension Day reflection

We are continuing today, with an international theme as Reverend David Parry invites us to think of the new perspective Ascension Day offers us. And surely you recognise the boy in the picture!

David in SingaporeDavid in Singapore

Dywedodd Iesu, ‘Arhoswch yn y ddinas nes eich gwisgo chwi oddi uchod â nerth.’ Aeth â hwy allan i gyffiniau Bethania. Yna cododd ei ddwylo a’u bendithio. Wrth iddo’u bendithio, fe ymadawodd â hwy ac fe’i dygwyd i fyny i’r nef.

Luc 24: 49-51

Jesus said, ‘Stay here in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.’ Then he led them out as far as Bethany, and, lifting up his hands, he blessed them. While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.

Luke 24: 49-51

Reverend David Parry writes:

As a young child I lived in Singapore. One of my earliest memories is of seeing Britain from the aeroplane on our return. Fields, rivers, cars and houses seemed so tiny. I was used to a ground-level experience of the world, not the whole landscapes which were beautifully laid out far below us. Today is Ascension Day and for me it evokes the same sense of height and a radically new perspective.

The disciples had experienced Jesus at ‘ground-level’. It had been an intimate and intense spiritual roller coaster: learning, eating, questions, miracles, betrayal, crucifixion and then the amazing joy of His Resurrection. But now He was lifted up from the Earth and taken from their sight. How were they supposed to live without Him?

Having defeated sin and death, Jesus ascended to fill the whole universe. He was once more restored to His rightful and eternal place, as Lord and God. I believe that from His ascended ‘vantage point’ Jesus sees what we can’t. With His ascended authority, He provides the truth and justice we need. Knowing that strengthens me, especially when our ‘ground-level’ world is in such turmoil.

Most of all, in my prayers and work, it sustains me to remember that no disciple of Jesus ever has to live without Him. Jesus is like the most loving parent with a sick child, the most committed carer with a frail adult. He watches over us.

Gan dyrchafu ein calonnau a’n meddyliau at Grist
sydd wedi esgyn i’r uchelder, gadewch inni weddïo.
Yn ein bywydau bob dydd caniatâ na fydd
gofalon y presennol yn cyfyngu ein gweledigaeth.
Bydded i bopeth a wnawn, yn ein teuluoedd a’n gwaith,
gael ei weld yng ngoleuni Crist,
a’i offrymu iddo ef a wasanaethwn fel ein Meistr. Amen.

With hearts and minds lifted to Christ
who has ascended on high, let us pray.
Grant that in our daily lives
our vision may not be limited by present concerns.
May all that we do, in our families and in our work,
be seen in the light of Christ
and offered to him as Master of all our service. Amen.

Adapted from ‘Leading Intercessions – Arwain Ymbiliau’
© Raymond Chapman cyf. © Cynthia Davies

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