Daily Reflection 2nd May

A part, whilst being apart

Today’s reflection comes from Rosemary Melling from St. Mary’s Conwy, as she considers how this time of physical separation can actually bring us together and closer to God. It is so timely, as we venture our first online service tomorrow, and then a ‘virtual’ coffee morning (scroll to the bottom for all the details you need). Thank you, everyone, for encouraging us to do this, so we continue to develop our life together and support one another through these extraordinary times. Thank you, too, to everyone who make the daily reflections happen: those sending in reflections, making and editing videos, managing our website and social media, printing them off, forwarding them on, making phone calls ….

You are all vital pieces of God’s amazing jigsaw!

Jigsaw PiecesPieces of God’s Jigsaw
For as in one body we have many members, and not all the members have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another.
Romans 12: 4-5
Mae’r eglwys yr un fath â’r corff dynol – mae gwahanol rannau i’r corff, a dydy pob rhan o’r corff ddim yn gwneud yr un gwaith. Yn yr eglwys dŷn ni gyda’n gilydd yn gwneud un corff, sef corff y Meseia. Mae pob un ohonon ni’n rhan o’r corff ac mae arnon ni angen pawb arall.
Rhufeiniaid 12: 4-5

Rosemary writes:

A few years ago, when I was in hospital, frequently over two years, I spent a lot of time thinking and I’ve reflected on that time a lot recently. Whilst I was having treatment of various kinds, I had to stay away from crowds, groups – anywhere where I could pick up a common infection, as my immune system was compromised.
I felt in  ‘lockdown’ – sound familiar? After a few days I felt ‘hemmed in’…..what were normally ‘ordinary things’ were suddenly ‘special’ – and special just because I couldn’t do them or have them … going to meet friends, or family on Conwy quay, go out for a meal with friends or to a cinema or theatre. During that time, we were invited to the wedding of a friend’s daughter in Deganwy, but of course, we couldn’t go. We were ‘apart’ …. and felt it. Then our friend who was helping decorate the outside of the church and the entrance porch asked if we could supply some ivy from our garden. Of course, we were really pleased to do that – we could be a part of the celebration, even though we were apart from it – just like now. We can be in touch with each other in so many ways today. We have the technology and the ability to support one another; encourage, empathise, comfort,  share experiences and strengthen faith.

And so we can remain ‘a part’, spiritually and emotionally whilst we are ‘apart’ physically. We are drawn together as we are indeed a part of God’s community: one body in Christ. It is in this very challenging time of physical separation, that we can feel closeness to Him and one another.

Let us pray to the Father,
whose love draws all things in heaven and earth
into one.
Draw together in this community
who are separated from others.
Grant that we may faithfully minister to all
who are part of our care. Amen.

Gadewch inni weddïo ar y Tad
sydd yn ei gariad yn dwyn pob beth
yn y nefoedd ac ar y ddaer ynghyd.
Tynn ynghyd yn y gymuned hon
y rhai sydd wedi eu gwahanu
oddi wrth eraill.
Caniatâ i ni fedru gweinidogaethu’n ffyddlon
i bawb sydd yn ein gofal. Amen.

© Church in Wales publications

Online Service

Sunday 3rd May (from 8am)

CandleYour daily reflection tomorrow will be a short online service that is available to view anytime from 8am. Please have a candle ready, so that you can light it with us near the beginning of the video.

Virtual Coffee Morning

Sunday 3rd May (11.30am)

Sunday Morning Coffee

To join the Coffee Morning on Zoom, please click here:-
Meeting ID: 744 4802 3418
Password: 027997
You will need Zoom software on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. To install the software application on your computer device, click on https://zoom.us/signup, but don’t leave it until the last minute on Sunday morning! If you experience any problems, just click here to email us and we’ll phone you to talk you through setting it up.

Click here for previous daily reflections from our Ministry Team.


One thought on “Daily Reflection 2nd May

  1. Lovely reflection, Rosemary.
    Your thought of being a part of a good thing with the ivy made me think that we can be a part of the church by exercising in our own church ‘gardens’ and digging up unwanted ivy, brambles etc. If by chance you meet anyone else in the churchyard just keep to social distancing rules.


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