Daily Reflection 28th April

Tuesday’s greetings

Thank you for messages that continue to encourage us! Although we are based in Conwy, there are many different lives reflected here each day, people living in diverse settings and circumstances, with different life experiences yet united in this on-line community of faith. 

Today, at 11am there will be a national minute’s silence in honour of the key workers who have lost their lives to coronavirus. At least 90 NHS staff have died since 25th March, as have many care and transport workers. As we pray in our different homes, we stand alongside all those who are suffering. We are living through dark times, yet look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Our writer today, Thelma Gould Johnston from St. Mary’s Conwy, gives us a snapshot of her life in lockdown, pointing us to signs of fruitfulness that can give us all hope.

Here, first, are our greetings – please do send yours in too!


Greetings in this glorious Eastertide.
Thank you so much for the daily reflections.
Love and blessings to you all
from Joy and Robin Green, Llandudno




Thanks David and Eryl, and the team
for all you’re doing and the encouragement to walk with the Lord in the ‘between time’.
Terry and Anne Mart






Greetings to all my dear friends at this Eastertide and though times are difficult,
they will pass and we will meet again to renew our faith in community with each other.
Thelma Gould Johnston







Time of blossoming

Y ffrwyth yr Ysbryd yw cariad, llawenydd, tangnefedd, goddefgarwch, caredigrwydd, daioni, ffyddlondeb, addfwynder, hunanddisgyblaeth.

Galatiad 5: 22

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Galatians 5: 22

BlossomApple Blossom

Thelma Gould Johnston writes:

I have been in isolation for some weeks now and I am overwhelmed by the kindness of neighbours, some of whom I had not met until they put a card through my door offering any help. Now I have my newspaper delivered every morning and a call to see if I want anything.

The daily prayers and messages from Bro Celynnin have been a great comfort and although we have not been able to meet in church it has been a consolation to hear from those we miss seeing. Like the crowd who were astonished by Jesus’s teaching, I have been astonished by the kindness of all these friends who are keeping me going and enquiring about my well-being.

Talking of consolation, I have been spending time in my garden in this lovely weather and what joy it is to see the flowers and shrubs opening to life again – and especially my young apple tree which I planted after down-sizing to my bungalow. Last year it had only one apple on it but, as you can see from the picture, today it is covered in blossom. A promise of such fruitfulness!

It isn’t always easy to be patient, especially while living with such uncertainty and worry. Though these times are really difficult, they will pass. We will meet again to renew our faith in community with each other. The apple blossom is a beautiful reminder to wait and trust – so that we too may blossom in him. What God the Holy Spirit is doing in us now – together, even though physically apart – will produce good things, good fruit, at the right time. 

O Dad hollalluog, edrych ar dy deulu yr Eglwys,
fel y gallwn ni, o’n hadfywio a’n nerthu trwy dy ras
ddyfalbarhau yn ffordd yr iachawdwriaeth,
a chael ynot ti ein llawenydd a’n tangnefedd;
trwy dy fab Iesu Grist ein Hiachawdwr. Amen.

Yr Eglwys yng Nghymru

Almighty Father, look upon thy family the Church,
that refreshed and strengthened by thy grace
we may persevere in the way of salvation,
and find in thee our joy and our peace;
through thy Son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Church in Wales

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