Daily Reflection 26th March

Applaud our NHS. Clap for our carers.

Today’s daily reflection comes from Canon Berw Hughes, one of our retired clergy in the ministry team. He shares his thoughts and prayers as one who worked as a hospital chaplain for many years. It will resonate with so many in our community either working in frontline services or simply deeply grateful for the tireless work done on all our behalf. 

Living Between

At this moment in my life, I am classed as a ‘vulnerable’ person, which gives me so much more time to think and reflect. Yet, as all who know me, I am not an academic theologian. Still, I have come to recognise over the years that when we are faced, as we are today, with difficult times, our faith is stripped back to basics.

Jesus said: ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbour as yourself.’ When challenged ‘Who is my neighbour?’ Jesus told the ‘Parable of the Good Samaritan.’ This is such a well-known story for most of us.

Luke 10: 25-37

‘Câr yr Arglwydd dy Dduw â’th holl galon ac â’th holl enaid ac â’th holl nerth ac â’th holl feddwl, a châr dy gymydod fel ti dy hun.’ Pan gawn ein  wynebu â’r cwestiwn ‘Pwy yw fy nghymydog?’ Dywedodd yr Iesu y ‘Ddameg ynglun a’r Samariad Trugarog’ sydd yn adnabyddus i ni oll.

Luc 10: 25-37

Having worked in the NHS for 15 years as a Hospital Chaplain in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Hospital, I was privileged to witness many, many such acts of compassion, kindness, support and love by staff in the many various departments. More than ever today, as we face this cruel pandemic, we are seeing true evidence of acts of ‘love of our neighbour’ – those helping support those who are vulnerable and in need.

Many in our community and hospitals are taking real risks themselves to help and care for others, just as the Good Samaritan did. So, we remember today those who work in our NHS Hospitals. We so value them for their compassion, dedication and love. And not only those on the frontline but also those working behind the scenes.

While working as a hospital chaplain, I witnessed ‘love of our neighbour’ but I also was so aware of a love of God, such deep, supportive faiths and spirituality of so many people throughout the hospital. And so, in the knowledge that God is a loving and compassionate God, we remember today in our prayers all those who are ill in our community and in hospitals and especially we applaud and pray for all those who are caring and working in the NHS and all their friends and families who are supporting them.

Prayer for The Health Service
O God, we thank you for our healthcare systems and for those who work in them.
We pray for healthcare workers known to us that through their love and compassion, those who are vulnerable and needy might come to know healing and peace in their lives.
We pray for those who have to make difficult decisions about resources or treatments that they will do so with care and integrity.
Lord, continue your ministry of healing in the lives of those who are broken, vulnerable and in need.
We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen

From The Churches and Industry Group Birmingham.

Gweddi dros y Gwasanaeth Iechyd
O Dduw, diolchwn i ti am ein system gofal iechyd a’r rhai sydd yn gweithio ynddi.
Gweddiwn dros yr holl weithwyr hyny yr ydym ni yn gwybod amdanynt, fel y gall y rhai sydd mewn angen ac yn fregus ddod i wybod iechyd a thangnefedd yn eu bywydau drwy gariad a thosuri y rhai sydd yn gofalu amdanynt.
Gweddiwn dros y rhai sy’n gorfod gwneud penderfyniadau anodd ynghylch adnoddau neu driniaeth, fel y gallent wneud hynny gyda gofal a gonestrwydd.

O Dduw, parha y Weinidogaeth Iechyd ym mywydau y rhai sydd yn teimlo’u bod wedi eu torri allan, y rhai sydd yn fregus a’r rhai mewn angen.
Gweddiwn yn enw ein Harglwydd Iesu Grist. Amen


One thought on “Daily Reflection 26th March

  1. Thank you. I am forwarding this to a ‘vunerable’ P/T hospital chaplain that I know.
    Gyffin had a good turn out for the Clap of Appreciation for NHS and Carers earlier. We could hear the clapping and cheering right across the valley.


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