Christmas cards for sale

Bro Celynnin Christmas cards are now available. They feature a stunning picture of Llangelynnin Old Church under snow, very kindly provided by Rowen photographer Aneurin Phillips. Measuring 116mm x 160mm (4.6″ x 6.3″), they are bilingual, with the fold on the left:-

Bro Celynnin Christmas Card

Packs of 10 cards with envelopes are available for £3.50 and are for sale in our Churches. They can also be ordered by email or post, by using this form:-

ChristmasCardOrderFormNearly half the packs have already gone, but if we get enough requests we’ll order another print run. All profits will go to the Bro Celynnin Ministry Area. We would be so grateful for your support, so please order soon!

Bro Celynnin BLACK


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