Do you want to make a difference to the life of a young person?

Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) is an Early Intervention Programme to safeguard children who are at risk of being excluded from school.

There was an introductory meeting at St. John’s Church, in Conwy, on Monday 18th February. More information is available on the website

Aberconwy School has said that it will provide some TLG volunteers. No school wants to expel a child. Education is a privilege for all children and young people who live in this part of the World. That’s why it’s so important for us to take early intervention to prevent a child from being excluded.

What is the role of a TLG volunteer?

  • to help one child for one hour per week for a school year
  • to provide loving support to that child
  • to befriend that child and improve their emotional wellbeing
  • to mentor that child and provide guidance
  • to be a role model to that child and inspire them
  • to pray for that child and give them hope and confidence
  • to build trust and let the child know that they are safe
  • to serve your local school and be a blessing 

There are a number of reasons why children show negative behaviour and can’t concentrate in school. It could be due to bereavement, bullying, family breakdown, or anxiety. They may have special needs, or they could be in the care system. They could be living in poverty and experiencing hunger, especially in the holidays when they don’t have a lifeline. Whatever the reason, these vulnerable children have a tough start in life, and it’s been proven that early intervention can be a success, giving young people the ability to reach their true potential.

The programme has been developed by teachers and psychologists. The coordinator is Gareth Williams, who is currently one of the Children and Family Workers at St. John’s Church. Please contact Gareth to discuss training as a TLG volunteer. You can make a difference to the life of a young person.

We hope that you will be able to give at least 95% of your time in a school year. You can agree the days and times with the coordinator and the local school. Parental consent has been given for this to take place.

A training event is being held on Wednesday 27th March, in Prestatyn. If you are interested in attending, please contact the coordinator, Gareth Williams:-

  • Mobile: 07594 597816
  • Email:

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