Feast of Light

Mark McNulty 2
credit Mark McNulty

Sometimes an experience is so awe-inspiring and quite simply so ‘out of this world’ that it is hard to put into words.  But words we need, to thank all of those who contributed and Gwledd Conwy Feast to let us make this happen.  ‘Feast of Light’ was St Mary’s Church Conwy’s own major contribution to the town’s annual festival of food, music and the arts.  Saturday kicked off the creative programme in fine style with a well attended lunchtime classical music concert before crowds of families arrived for our children’s workshops – designing stained glass window patterns and projecting the results!

Then to the evening …  We are indebted to digital projection artist Andy McKeown for revealing to us the minute details of our glorious stained glass windows, in the form of a gently forming and re-forming, kaleidoscopic, immersive experience that captivated hundreds of people for over three hours.  The experience made all the more powerful and deeply moving by the accompaniment of our musicians under the direction of Chris Roberts.  This was simply a taste of heaven.  Spiritual, uplifting, sublime.

Thank you to all who have posted on social media, blogged and continued to ‘buzz’ … we’re not coming down anytime soon!

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