Transcript (Easter Sunday)

Sul y Pasg

Easter Sunday

Pasg Hapus! Happy Easter from Llangelynnin, one of Britain’s most ancient, holy, beautiful places.

On the first Easter morning, Mary Magdalene found the stone rolled away and the tomb empty. She ran to find Peter and John and they looked and they ran to tell others, even though they didn’t fully understand what it was that had happened. 

But for Mary Magdalene that wasn’t enough. She stood next to the tomb still desolate, bereaved, bereft. And then there alongside her was Jesus himself, no longer dead but alive!  And when he greeted her by name, her world changed. For her the Resurrection was no longer partial, a promise or a mystery it was complete and life-changing.

How I long for this Easter Sunday, more than any in my lifetime, to bring joy and change to our nation and to the world. To lift not just the threat of this terrible illness, of further loss and bereavement: to bring not just physical healing but a transformation of everything.  

You see we’ve learnt so much, haven’t we?  We have learnt that actually there is no such thing as ‘unskilled labour’. We’ve learnt to value those that we often reward in terrible ways on zero-hour contracts in the ‘gig economy’. We’ve learnt that our prosperity, our health, our very life is not an individual thing but depends upon the links between us: as neighbours, as friends, as a nation. And if we’ve learnt these things, we should be changed by them.

Now is the time for the Resurrection light to reach into every part. If I’m wealthy at the expense of someone else’s poverty, then my wealth is a lie. If I’m ‘free’ at the expense of someone else’s enslavement, then neither of us is really free. God wants to break down all these barriers to bring true life (self-sacrifice, love, dignity, worth, hope) into every household, into every life, into our whole world. 

My prayer on this Easter Sunday is for a true ‘Renaissance’: a new birth, a new beginning. That the Easter light, the risen hope of Jesus Christ that brings eternal life would also change the life of this world now and always. Amen.

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