Transcript (Easter Saturday)

The Stone

The stone is rolled to seal the grave.

The soldiers stand to guard the door.

The years of hope, the hearts of faith,

Cold as the tomb, dead as their Lord.


The tears of anger and regret

The cock has crowed, the traitor fled.

Disciples frightened and confused

Where once was peace, now only dread.


Where can they go?  Where can they run?

His words were true eternal life

Yet even Christ has felt death’s sting,

Sin’s curse extinguishing love’s light.


We stand with them, with the bereaved,

Stand with the broken, torn and bruised.

We hold our doubts, our tears, our pain

And by our nails, hold to the truth.


There is a sun we cannot see.

A resurrection yet to dawn.

A hope that holds us through the night.

A path that leads to Easter morn.

© Resound Worship / Sam Hargreaves

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